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Grünkraft applies 6-Sigma in Solar installations

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Solar Shading analysis

Shading can have a serious impact on solar thermal and photovoltaic system outputs. Accounting for shading factors is therefore a very important aspect of solar energy system design. Significant shading will prevent a metered system ever reaching its potential payback...
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600 modules per day /gang with 6sigma discipline

How 6 sigma can affect the speed while maintaining the quality of an installation? At Grunkraft each gang of 3 men can achieve a min rate of installing 600 panels per day. To do this each process has been quantified and personnel is specialised and focus on tasks.... read more

Applying 6sigma discipline in Solar Installations

6sigma is more than just another process. It is an approach based on data, geared toward projects with quantifiable business outcomes. Grünkraft quantified each process in the construction of a Solar PV project and reached the level of zero tolerance both in terms of... read more

Achieving the absolute zero slope East – West on 11.9MW

Working on a 11.9MW in Cyprus, Grunkraft is using concrete pilling as the foundation method. Our optimisation is focused on achieving the absolute 0 (zero) degrees East-West. A mission considered impossible taking into consideration the terrain contours.   However... read more


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