Solar Technologies

Project Planning & Risk Assessment

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  • Property/ Location/ paperwork evaluation
  • Feasibility studies & Project Design
  • Risk factors Analysis
  • Groundworks & Layout optimised design
  • Cost- Benefit analysis /Cost vs Performance
  • 3D Model visualisations (Ground layers & Upper structure)
  • Introduction of efficient components

Lab Testing

  • Sampling & Analysis of Soil basin
  • Sampling and analysis of components

Solar Shading Analysis & Optimisation


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The works begin with the landscaping of the site, Groundremediation which it may includes excavation, or water drainaging, or drilling and then we proceed to fencing and the opening of trenches for the placement of probes and cables.Next we install the appropriate equipment, which includes the PV modules, the inverters, the mounting systems, the electrical panel, the switchgears, the AC & DC cablings, the lightning protection and the round earthing sys
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PID Ascertaining & Measurements

Potential Induced Degradation (PID) is an undesirable property of some solar modules. The factors that enable PID (voltage, heat and humidity) exist on all photovoltaic (PV) systems, but the effect does not occur on all or even most PV systems.Grunkraft  is specialized in PID effect diagnosis with a  unique method which goes one step further than the usual IR photos. IV Curves, Reverse current and Electroluminesence are used to ascertain the existance and degree of the PID effect.

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