Civil Works

Focused on Sustainable design principles Grünkraft offers a wide range of Civil Works services indicative and not limited to:
– Topographic & Measurement works
– GeologicalSurvey and Studies

– Core sampling drilling
– Lab Testing
– Groundworks & Excavations
– Ground Remedy
– Water drainage systems
– Concrete works & Gunite
– Supporting Walls & anchors

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 22.53.59Sustainable design can be described as the correct way to develop our building environment. It focuses on three main principles ecological, economical, and social. While sustainable design is an emerging need in today’s construction status, we correspond and offer ecological solutions based on the needs and demands. At Grünkraft, our team members are encouraged to embrace sustainability our own by following its three main categories. Ecological sustainability means protecting nature and the environment to preserve them for the future. Economic sustainability means to strengthen and preserve long-term ability to function, competitiveness and profitability by sensible economic action. Social sustainability means social and responsible action with customers, suppliers, partners, employees and the company.