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Micropiles were conceived in Italy in the early 1950’s in response to the demand for innovative techniques for underpinning historic building and monuments that has sustained damage with time. A typical micropile construction involves the drilling the pile shaft to the required depth, placing the steel reinforcement, initial grouting by tremie and placing additional grout under pressure where applicable.

Micropiles are widely recognised as a common remedial option for underpinning structures with foundation problems and as well as a common foundation option. This is primarily due to local geological factors such as karstic features in limestone formation and performance factors for speedy foundation construction. The sizes of micropiles 100mm to 350mm carrying load from 150kN to 2,800kN respectively

Grunkraft is involved with own equipment in all phases of design, study and drilling of micropiles with diameters ranging from 60mm up to 450mm and various depths as per individual needs. Our equipment has the capacity to exceed the micropiling needs and reach up 150m depth with diameter up to 450mm.